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Facebook Ads

Facebook provides many tools or you can programs from which you can earn money from home like instreams ads and reels. 


In this WordPress course, you will learn how to make a website for business and also online shopping website.

Selling on Ebay

eBay is second biggest market from which people buy things and we can teach you how you can sell on it from Pakistan and earn money.

You will learn these


From building a loyal following to creating engaging content and leveraging Facebook ads, our expert instructors will show you the proven strategies for success.

Introduction and Overview

Facebook Page Creation
Page Setting
Introduction to Creator Studio or Business Suite
Programs of Earning
Criteria of Page Monetization (Instream and Reels)
Question Answers

Types of Content (Premium, Asian, Chinese Content)
Content Finding
Content Creation
Question Answers

Editing of All types of content
What is Hook and how you can make it
Maintain an outstanding 1-minute view
Question Answers

Type of Facebook Ids
How to login into ID
How to Make Sharing Setup on a PC/Laptop
How to Make Sharing Setup on Mobile
Save id from Disabling
Proper way of Uploadin a video
Best time for uploading a video

Types of Facebook Groups
How to check group is active or not
Find auto-approval and paid groups
Uses of different extensions and applications to automate the workflow
List of free auto-approval groups
Question Answers

What is RDP
Where to Buy RDP
How to make a Facebook id in RDP
How to verify the location of an Id
How to transfer page in RDP
Question Answers

Introduction to Reels
How to find content for reels
The right way of uploading
Finding and Uses of viral Tags
Sharing of Reels
Question Answers

Discussion about all types of Violation
Ineligible Country
Limited Originality of Content
Intellectual Property
Connected Entity Violation
Flagged Behaviour
How to save your page from all these?
How to remove these from pages
Question Answers

How to register an LLC in the USA
How to register an LTD company in the UK
Introduction to payouts
Question Answers

How to save yourself from a scam
How buy pages
How to buy ids
How to buy groups
Provide Contact Nos of all service providers

Bonus Class on How you can work on Original Content and earn ton of money

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After completing this course, you will never need any other course or knowledge about the Facebook work.


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